Everyone’s Life Sucks: Why You Shouldn’t Trust Facebook Statuses

scottEveryone has done it at some point, we’ve posted something to a social media site that was less than entirely true. Whether it was innocently trying to find the silver lining in the storm-cloud that’s destroying your home or if you just want to make yourself look better to potential mates we’ve all been there.

This, I’m gonna call it a short film, from HigtonBrothers demonstrates this beautifully. Watch Scott Thompson as his life goes to pot and see his status updates on Facebook. None of them are completely untrue but they really do lead you to believe he’s more of an interesting guy than you’d guess when you meet him at the water cooler.

What can we learn from this? I guess, it’s that you can’t trust anybody. If you didn’t know that yet I’m sorry I had to be the one to break it to you. Just remember that no one if as happy, as exciting, as adventurous, or as depressed as they may make themselves seem on social media.

The one exception is dramatic people. That group of people who make those passive aggressive posts looking for pity. You’ve seen them, things like, “If you don’t like what I think feel free to un-friend me IRL.” Those people are trying to appear dramatic. I’ve met these people, they are just as dramatic in real life as they appear to be on Facebook.

Hit the jump for the video.