Everything is Better with Bacon: Bacon Camera

b_UploadNo it’s not a camera made of bacon. That would be both to cool and to dangerous. Can you imagine trying to explain to the emergency room doctor why you ate a flashbulb and a roll of film? What this camera is though, is a disposable camera that adds bacon to each of your pictures.

Yes, everything is better with bacon and this includes all your photographs. The Bacon Magic Disposable Camera not only has a snazzy bacon graphic on the outside, but adds bacon messages and images to every picture you take. You won’t know exactly what bacon related goodness will be on each picture until you get the film developed so it’ll be a bacon filled surprise in every shot!

You can pick up the camera here for around $16 or you can just do like the rest of us and bacon to the photo album when you get the pictures printed. Since that will never happen you don’t have to waste your bacon by pasting it into a book that you force on unwanted house guests.