Faith in Humanity Restored: Guy Catches Baby After 2-Story Fall

baby-fallMy faith in humanity has been somewhat restored after seeing that two guys with enough clothing for one and a half can still catch a naked baby after raining off a 2-story windowsill.

A CCTV camera caught a man successfully catching a one-year-old boy after the child fell from an apartment building during a heavy rainstorm in China’s Guangdong Province.

Reuters reports that the child may have escaped through a window in his second-story home while looking for his mother.

Seriously, what is with the lack of clothing here?

I like how the one in the shirt notices and anticipates the upcoming fall. And props to whoever was running the CCTV camera too. They obviously knew something was going on here and the guy wasn’t just pleading to the heavens for the rain to stop. You won’t see me doing that. I usually hope for rain, then I don’t feel as bad about myself when I don’t set foot outside all day long.

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