Faith In Humanity Restored: Soccer Triumph

Welcome to the first posting of Faith In Humanity Restored. This will be a semi regular article showing everyone that although many people make us question the overall survival of our race, there is still hope that we can overcome the impending doom.



I need to make it very clear before I begin this post that I have pretty much no idea how the game of soccer is played. For all I know it is a tiny ball on a mile long field, filled with people that continuously flop around trying to get the other one in trouble with the refs. However, Chelsea fans have restored my faith in humanity by cheering for Ross Turnbill’s (some soccer dude) two-year-old son as he made a break for the goal.

It’s at times like this that I think, oh my gosh, that ball is past his knees. Seriously, can you imagine being him? It would be like kicking a giant beach ball around. I also think that maybe, just maybe, when the robot apocalypse does come, there is hope that we can actually band together instead of dying in a dark corner curled up the the fetal position.

Hit the jump for the coolest video ever.



  1. Faith In Humanity Restored: Soccer Triumph » Uncanny Flats

  2. Faith In Humanity Restored: Soccer Triumph » Uncanny Flats

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