So Many Feels: Wearable Book lets you Feel Characters’ Emotions


In the last book you read did you spend time wishing that you could really feel the emotions that the characters in the story felt? If you had to then you know that the author wasn’t doing their job sufficiently. It’s their job to make you feel the emotions. But if they can’t make yo hate the right guy or love the correct hero then there is now a solution to make their novel still worth reading.

A team from MIT created a harness called Sensory Fiction that helps you to feel the characters’ emotions as you read a book.

A harness accompanies the book that you put over your torso. This harness includes LEDs to recreate the lighting from the story, small heating devices to warm the skin, vibrating mechanisms that affect heart rate and a compression system with airbags that tighten and loosen, based on what’s going on in the story.

I would like to see if this would change my mind about some books. Would I like Holden more is I could feel his angst or would I still want to beat him into a puddle of the loser he is? Also, how does it know where I am in the story. Does it track my eyes or read to me? I’m not a super fast reader so what happens when I’m reading about Harry and Ginny being together while Sensory Fiction has skipped ahead to Snape yelling at Neville? That would be emotionally confusing.