Nov 20 2013

Finally: An Adjustable Airplane Seat

Image converted using ifftoanyIf you’ve ever flown on a commercial airplane you know there are some problems that need to be addressed and never will be. Those problems are fat people and tall people. Being quite tall and fairly hefty myself I’m hopeful that never is coming soon. I’m tired of riding with my knees against the seat in front of me and being shoulder to shoulder with my seat-mates like we aren’t all horrible germaphobes.

British design firm Seymourpowell has come up with a new seat design that they’re calling Morph. It doesn’t look like it will solve any leg room problems, that’s still up to the airline, but is should help with the fat rolls hanging over the arm rest and getting pinched by the drink cart problem.

The Morph seating system allows the inner art rest to move so you can change the width of the seats. That’s good if you only have 2/3 of the seats full or if you’re sitting with skinny people but when us horizontally challenged people fly together there’s still no relief. I guess I could just rent out a private plane. HA, Not bloody likely.

Hit the jump for an animation of the seats in action.

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