Finally: Michael Caine the Action Figure

b8_UploadFinally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is here. Michael Caine is getting he own action figure. Yes, it’s all muddled in with a bunch of Batman crap but I’ve grown accustomed to ignoring that over the years. Almost as if I’m immune. Bring it on Batman, I’m immune to you.

I will admit that the set here is pretty impressive. Not only does it have Batman and Alfred figures but it also has a whole pile of bat-gear. The suit, weapons, a cape/bedspread thing, and about a dozen interchangeable hands so you can more full pose the figures and make them hold whatever tool you want more convincingly.

More likely what you’ll have when you purchase the set you’ll have box of body parts that will remain boxed for 6 months while you discover that no one wants to buy the set off you until you finally give up and open the package and let your little sister play with the man and his cape. Which then somehow gets covered in toilet water and you don’t want to touch it until your sister at least rinses him off. Instead of doing that she leaves him on the floor and the dog snatches him up and buries him in the back yard where you don’t find him until the next string when you chop off the arm Batman was using to claw his way back from the abyss with the lawnmower.

Hit the jump for more shots.

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