Finally: Rainbow Farting Unicorn Cake

unicorn-farting-a-rainbow-cake-1If there is thing that doesn’t get enough government funding it is unicorn related research. How is it that there aren’t unicorns on every zoo? And why don’t we know how they fart rainbows? And when they sneeze glitter, how do they do that? “You missed the first part where he was snorting glitter on a dare.” Dang I would pay to see that.

Natalie of Sideserf Cake Studio made this so-called “Unicorn Farting Rainbow” cake, and despite the “farty” nature of the sweet treat, it actually looks pretty fantastic. The level of detail is impressive: I mean, doesn’t the unicorn look a little relieved to you? Now that’s art right there.

Someone named Valerie is about to have the best 40th birthday ever. Now, let us all speculate as to what her actual age is. I’m given to understand that women’s birthdays come at longer and longer intervals after the age of 23.

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unicorn-ranbow-fart-cake-2 unicorn-ranbow-fart-cake-3