First: Government Recognized Cyborg

Dezeen_Neil_Harbisson_Cyborg_artist_Technology_5Neil Harbisson wins. The rest of you can stop with your petitions now. The UK government has finally recognized him as a cyborg. They let him take his passport photo wearing his eyeborg, a device that allows him to perceive color. You see, Neil has a visual impairment called achromatopsia that causes him to see the world in shades of grey. Yes, just like Billy Joel.

The eyeborg, sounds like the coolest device in the history of the world. Sorry Neil, I like you and your haircut too but your antenna makes you awesome.

The eyeborg turns colours into sounds, allowing him to “hear” them and meaning he qualifies as a cyborg, or cybernetic organism – a living being with both natural and artificial parts.

“Feeling like a cyborg was a gradual process,” he said. “First, I felt that the eyeborg was giving me information, afterwards I felt it was giving me perception, and after a while it gave me feelings. It was when I started to feel colour and started to dream in colour that I felt the extension was part of my organism.”

Did you read that? he can hear/feel color. That sounds awesome. Makes me want to go visit with my cousin the drug dealer so I can feel colors too. Then I would go to Target and lay in a pile of pillow pets.

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