First Moon Party: The Only Good Thing about Periods

hellofloWatching my wife battle her monthly visitor makes me really glad I’m not a lady. I’d be even more glad if I didn’t have to hear about it every month but you really just can’t win them all.

Random Fact: Camping was invented for men to escape from menstruating women.

The ad shows a girl faking her first period with the use of red-glitter nail polish. For some reason in the shape of Florida. Mom, of course, catches on immediately and celebrates by throwing a “First Moon Party.” As you might hope this leaves the daughter hopelessly embarrassed and, I’m guessing, ultimately friendless.

But luckily for the traumatized girl, HelloFlo period start kits exist. So when her real time of the month comes around, she’ll be prepared with actual tampons instead of a super pack of coffee filters.

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