A Flying Circus…Literally


Russia no longer finds joy in launching people into space and have overdone it by sending up 45 mice, 8 gerbils, and 15 newts. Now I know, in the early days we were sending up monkeys and dogs. But mice and gerbils? It is fitting that Russia did this.

The spacecraft, a modified Bion-M life sciences satellite, was launched in April 2013 and was intended to study the biological effects of long-term weightlessness. However, due to a combination of equipment failure and what scientists referred to as “the stresses of space,” fewer than half the mice (and none of the gerbils) remained alive after their month in space. The newts were fine, though.

Who would have thought. Newts are apparently super hardcore and should not be messed with. I wonder if PETA is going to come out with some statement or boycott all Russian space travel (whatever that means). Also, I wonder who cares. Yep, no one.

I want to see Russia launch a bear up there. Just launch the bear and watch it destroy the space craft from the inside out. It would be a good show. Of course we would run the risk of the bear not destroying its ship and coming back all radioactive like and destroying all that we hold dear. Is it worth it? Absolutely. 

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