Fooom, You Just Blew My Mind: Balloon in a Car Breaks Physics

jthrvtcr4l5nlcepxdnsSo physics, amiright? It’s pretty much the most confusing thing in this world. Aside from trying to set up email on an iPad. Compared to that Quantum Entanglement is as clear-cut as a cheese sandwich.

Here’s Dustin from Smarter Every Day using his magical powers to make a balloon accelerate along with him in his minivan. Instead of flying backwards like every single other thing in the vehicle this balloon accelerates. Without looking it up, do you know why?


It actually makes complete sense once it is explained. “It is witchcraft isn’t it.” A little bit yes. Mostly no. I’ll give you a hint it has to do with how balloons float and you don’t. Think about it, but don’t hurt yourself. Watch the video.

Hit the jump for the video.