For Father’s Day: Darth Vader and Son Statue

v1_UploadIf you know when Father’s Day is without having to look it up then you are already more prepared than I am. But when I did look it up I found out it falls on June 15th this year so I think I’ll be able to procrastinate for a few more months. Maybe that will give me time to save up the $150 they’re asking for to pre-order this figure and the book that goes along with it. And don’t worry ladies, there’s one for you too.

Darth Vader and Son and Vader’s Little Princess are just about the most precious Star Wars books in the galaxy, and now they’ve been turned into equally precious statues. They will be released as numbered limited editions bundled with the book, statue and sketches. You can choose from Vader receiving a Rebel Alliance tie from Luke, Leia punching little hearts out of Vader’s cape, or buy the pair as a special set.

Just be sure that you know before hand how your dad is going to react. If he’ll take the gift as a cute display of affection then by all means go for it. If he’s going to miss the awesomeness and assume that you are comparing him to an black-hearted, evil warlord then maybe you should stick with the card and shaving kit you were going to get him last year, until you forgot.
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