For the Dino-Bronies: My Little Raptor

mlv3If there are two things everyone using the internet loves they are dinosaurs and My Little Pony. Pizza and conspiracy theories come in a close third and fourth. But conspiracy theorists will tell you that their theories would have come in first were it not for the Illuminati on the deep web keeping them down.

Artist Cherry Garcia, I know like the ice cream how great, decided it was well past time that someone mix the My Little Ponies with one of everyone’s favorite dinosaurs, raptors. I’m sure Cherry would have come with the T-Rex if they didn’t think the awesomeness would cause their drawing pad to burst into flames.

The only bad part about this set is how they are going to invade your dreams. It will start out all sunny and pleasant, watching the raptors playing in the fields of clover and wild flowers, they one will lift its head and sniff the air. Instantly they’ll be on you. Then it will be blood and teeth and claws and blood and guts and pain and blood. Then you’ll wake up screaming and you’ll roll over only to see your shelf full of Ponies watching you. And there is nowhere to escape.

Hit the jump for the rest.

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