For the Nursery: Cthulhu Wallpaper


Designer Megan Rose Gedris aka Rosalarian created this awesome wallpaper pattern that I can’t believe hasn’t existed until now. Of course it wasn’t cool until now. Thank you Internet.

Imagine the kind of dreams this wall paper would induce. At least you’d no longer be scared of the monsters in your closet, you’re be too horrified of the ancient evil all over your walls. Of course, since Monsters Inc. came out children haven’t been afraid of the monster in the closet anyhow. how the skeleton under the bed, that’s another problem entirely.

This pattern also comes as gift wrap. Problem there is it comes on a relatively small roll and none of the people I’m obligated to give gifts to would get it. What I’d lean more towards is the fabric pattern. I could see myself wearing a pair of shorts with little Cthulhus on them. Or even better, I’d love to see this in a quilt. Hint, hint for people who can run a sewing machine.