For the Obsessed: Facebook Like Counter

smiirl-fliike-perspectiveFor any of you out there who obsess over every post you make to Facebook and every comment and like you get out of it. You need help and…… this is the perfect product for you. It’s called Fliike. Don’t ask me how to pronounce that or where the name came from because anything I tell you will be a bold-faced lie. Like this, “LIE.

All you have to do is plug Fliike into the wall for power and sync it up with your Wi-Fi and Facebook account and you’ll be treated to a real time view of your popularity. I can’t wait till school starts and I see these glued to the tops of kids lockers. If I did that it would go something like this,”Why did you even get one? It says you only have 6 likes.” No, it’s 100,006 it just rolled over. “That’s not possible. When it rolls over it explodes and you have to buy a new one.” I only got it to be ironic. “You can’t be ironic, you hate hipsters.” At which point I’d shove that popular kid into the girls bathroom and steal his Fliike.

Politicians and homecoming queens agree you can’t set a price on popularity, but the people at Fliike have done their best. $390 to pre-order.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots.

smiirl-fliike-face smiirl-fliike

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