For Your Health: Ramen Burger

IMG_4065If you’re like me then you know the joys and the pains of living on nothing but ramen noodles and water for some portion of your life. To this day I can’t eat the stuff without remembering the nightmare that was my freshman year in college. For those of your that still have a fond adoration for the meal then this is for you.

The good people at Go Ramen have created the Ramen Burger. Instead of a brick of noodles between two buns like I expected when I first read about this they went the other direction and made ramen patties to hold real burger.

On Saturday they debuted the burger to the world (America) on Good Morning America. They served out 150 of the burgers to the people gathered there and unfortunately had to turn some people away when they ran out.

I’m not sure (didn’t read into it enough) how much they will be selling the burger for or how much time something so glorious will shave off your life, but I’m sure it’s worth it on both accounts. After all, anything that shortens your life only takes time off the end where things start to break down anyway.

Hit the jump for more shots and a video of them handing out burgers.

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