Nov 19 2013

For Your Protection: Radiation Proof Underwear

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To help protect Fukushima clean up crews, Japanese swimwear manufacturer Yamamoto has come up with some radiation blocking dry suits. They’re calling the product Radiation Shield Wear.

It differs from traditional radiation protective clothing. The first layer of protection is a pair of lead-lined underwear that keeps harmful gamma rays away from your abdomen and lower spine, where it could do irreparable harm. Yamamoto Corporation is slated to begin selling its radiation shielding garments later this month. The drysuit will run you $1,072, while the lead-lined underwear will cost an additional $825.

The rest of the suit is made up of radiation blocking material, but not lead. The idea is to keep radioactive materials from sticking to you so they can’t just sit there and radiate you. I guess that’s why the suit looks so slick and stylish. You can’t put a price on safety, but it looks like Yamamoto has done their best. Last time I was tasked with cleaning up after a reactor meltdown the crew just wrapped me in tinfoil and shrink-wrap. As they pushed me out of the van to walk the rest of the way to the reactor with my broom and garbage bag they told me this. “The foil is actually designed to protect the rest of us from you.”

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