Free the Beard: All Your Favorite Characters with Beards

778825849118380361If you haven’t noticed yet, because you never go outside and this is your first time on the Internet, beards are very in right now. Why do you think I grew such a handsome beard? “You’re clean-shaven.” I know, I’m a bearded liar.

Vanja Mrgan has imagined what different famous characters would look like with beards. From Robocop to He-Man to Batman to Wario to Popeye to Porky Pig to Boba Fett to Snoo—Reddit’s alien mascot—they all look quite cool. Some even better than the real thing (like Popeye, Wario, and even Batman!)

You may note that some one these characters already have facial hair. In those cases Vanja pasted on some more. There is no such thing as too much beard these days. Just ask my buddy who keeps getting his beard caught in his bowstring he’ll tell ya how it is.

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