Jan 31 2014

Genius: Man Earns Himself 300 Free Meals with 1 Plane Ticket

chinaeastair1000a-600x402In an excellent example of playing the system and probably ruining it for the rest of us, a man in China has earned himself 300 free meals by simply purchasing a first class plane ticket.

[A] clever traveler booked a first-class ticket on China Eastern and waited in the airport’s VIP lounge. While he was waiting, he enjoyed a rich but complimentary “pre-boarding” meal. Once he finished his VIP meal, the man would then alter his flight itinerary to another day. He would then return later on for his flight, snag a free meal at the lounge, and then alter his flight once again.

Then to make it that much better, when the airport authorities caught on to him the guy cashed in his ticket for a full refund. I’ve just got to give this guy props on such a beautiful use of his wits. The problem is that he has now ruined it for the rest of us who ever wanted to do this same thing. Not that I can afford a first class ticket even if it does mean 300 free meals, but I would have liked to have that option available. Now airlines are sure to be watching more closely for stunts like this.

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