Sep 13 2013

Giant Space Robots Invade Nigeria

the day they cameA new film studio out of Nigeria, by the name of Ficson Films, is creating a new series of episodes about giant space robots invading Lagos, Nigeria called “The Day They Came.” I have to say, even though the films have an apparent zero dollar budget, I’d still watch them. Right now it looks like they’ll be releasing new episodes as they are completed. No word yet on whether they will ever be smashed together into a larger film.

Ficson Films was conceived as a business idea in October 2012, as a film production outfit in the bid to produce quality Nigerian movies for Nigerians and the world. The company is a partnership between two young Nigerians with a passion for film making.

I wanted to let you all know about this new film and the film company not because of how dangerously cheesy the clip looks but because of how much we all love movies about giant space robots that invade the earth. That’s just good, wholesome entertainment. You grandparents knew this truth, you think Lawrence Welk wasn’t a giant space robot? Give me 30 minutes to edit his wiki page and then check it out.

Hit the jump for the video.

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