Ginkgo Acoustic Panels: Like Living in a Dragon

ginkgo-by-stone-designs-designboom01These are Ginkgo acoustic wall panels supposedly created by Stone Designs, although I’ll be damned if I can find a single mention of them on their site. They’re made of felt and come in whatever color you’re willing to pay for. The purpose of them is for use in sound dampening but I’m going to be covering my office in them. Red and gold ones so it will be like living inside and angry dragon. Once I get and office that is.

Of course there are lighter designs you can do too, clouds and sunsets and grey expanses of overlapping circles. You know, the usual stuff.

the form is based on the traditional japanese gingko tree, which are considered to be a bearer of hope and represent a symbol of resilience and peace. the distinctive fan-shaped leaf is a popular motif in local art and is used as a logo throughout the city of Tokyo and as an image for the railway company toei. the pieces offer multiple combinations, as the panels are constructed into a round, modular shape that slopes downwards. this not only helps to improve their acoustic properties, but also gives a sense of movement to the wall with shadows accentuating their organic image.

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