Glad I’m not There: Baltimore Sinkhole Eats a Street Full of Cars

baltimoreI hope you’re all having a Feliz Cinco de Mayo and that you’ve inadvertently offended at least one person with your misinterpretation of that this day means in Mexican history. That being said…

Sinkholes are Mother Natures way of reminding you that you are nothing more than a tiny, hairy finger food to her. Every now and then when people get too sure of themselves she likes to eat their cars and set them back to the walking-everywhere-ages.

This sinkhole, technically a landslide, happened In Baltimore, Maryland on May 1st. As you can see it ate a whole street full of cars. I feel for those people who lost their vehicles.

If I were there I like to think I would have tried to save the vehicles until a cop yelled at me to get away from the edge and then maced me when I wouldn’t. How dare you accuse me of stealing cars from right under the watchful cameras of their owners.

Hit the jump for a video of the action.