Go for the Show, Stay for the 60 Meter Noodle

chef_noodle_2947779aPro noodle-wrangler Mr. Zhao or Chongqing, China has a talent for making exceptionally long noodles. On average we’re talking 60 meters long.

Not only does he make the noodles that are almost 200 feet long he also tosses them down the sidewalk an arm length at a time and cooks the whole mass in one go. Most people can’t even keep their spaghetti noodles whole when they cook. You know the nice part of long spaghetti? Being able to get the back of your head dirty when you eat. Not a lot of food offers that feature.

When trying to wrap my mind around such a long noodle I picture that scene from Lady and The Tramp where they kiss over the spaghetti. But this time they start on opposite 20 yard lines of a football field and The Tramp dies of a ruptured stomach before they meed in the middle. Don’t worry, Lady picks up the slack. She’s a Lady.

Hit the jump for a video.

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