Gonna be a Rough Night: 1000 People Eat Ghost Chilis at Once

ImageNone of  these people had beards at the start of the day.

Listen up I’m about to teach you something. Schadenfreude is a German word for the pleasure derived from the misfortune of others. This video will give you schadenfreude. I think the word needs to be edited somewhat though. We need a word for “enjoyment derived by watching the stupid actions of others.” We could apply it to all those shows that used to be so popular on MTV and about 80% of YouTube videos.

What you’re seeing above is a capture from a video of 1000 people who have gathered together to eat a Ghost Chili pepper. The Ghost Chili comes in at between 850,000 and 1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units. For comparison your average jalapeño comes in at about 5000 SHU.

Would I try this? Probably just to say I did. Would I take it like a man? I’d do my best. Would I regret it later? Most definitely.

Hit the jump for the video.