Good to Know: How to Open a Can

450px-Can(Easy_Open_Can)Random fact time, did you know that tin cans have been around since at least 1772 but the can opener didn’t come about until 1855? Well, according to the Internets it’s true. So how did people back them get the food back out of the can that they sealed it in. I’ll bet a lot of the time they didn’t. They just kept donating it to different charities and food drives until someone finally had the decency to throw the can away. You know what I’m talking about.

Now we have things like can openers and knives and shape charges that we can use to open cans. And a lot of cans these days boast most brilliant and dangerous innovation in the world of food storage, the pull-tab opener as seen above.

But what do you do when your can is devoid of self opening mechanisms and you don’t have a can opener. Say, in a zombie apocalypse situation for example. Add this one to your list of manly skills because the short answer you rub the can on the ground until you’ve worn away some of the metal and then pop the top. Watch the video after the break to see some examples. And if you don’t watch it for the can opening, watch it for the sweet Russian accents.

Hit the jump for the video.