May 23 2013

Goodbye Moon

Full_Moon_Luc_ViatourSay good bye to the moon everyone. We’re gonna blow it up. Not true, but how epic would that be? Anyway, a new study just came out concluding that the moon is moving away from the earth. I thought we already knew that. Turns out it’s been moving away from the earth forever but now it’s going faster. It’s the tides man, the tides are pushing the moon away.

EARTH is shoving the moon away faster now than it has done for most of the past 50 million years, says a new model for the way tides influence the lunar orbit. The result helps solve a mystery concerning the moon’s age that has long vexed astronomers.

The moon’s gravity creates a daily cycle of low and high tides. This dissipates energy between the two bodies, slowing Earth’s spin on its axis and causing the moon’s orbit to expand at a rate of about 3.8 centimetres per year. If that rate has always been the same, the moon should be 1.5 billion years old, yet some lunar rocks are 4.5 billion years old.

So, if my calculations and interpretation of what this article is saying are correct that means the moon is leaving us at a rate of almost half an inch per year. In reality it’s just trying to get away from you. That means in about eleventy billion years the moon will be exactly… further away. So I say we celebrate the moon, cherish the remaining time we have with her. Beg for her forgiveness and ask her to come back. Why does everything that I love leave me?

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