Grand Budapest Hotel in LEGO

lego-grand-budapest-hotelThis is a model of the Grand Budapest Hotel built by Ryan Ziegelbauer. As you may have guessed by using your obsessive observation of detail and the title of the article, he built it out of LEGOs. Maybe he was inspired by the film that took place in the hotel. No that’s not the one you hear so much about but will never see that was all filmed in one shot. That was Russian ark.

LEGO Master Model Builder Ryan Ziegelbauer and his team drafted the design and then sourced the bricks from Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany, and the US.

The build took more than 575 hours and the final result is an absolute beauty.

575 hours. That’s like 14 and a half work weeks. And with the amount of work you actually put in while you’re at work that would have taken you the better part of a year. That’s okay, it would have taken me even longer as I refuse to work with pink LEGOs. Those are for girls.

Hit the jump for a time-lapse video.