Gross and Impressive: The Worlds Only Penis Museum

TFM_Specimen_Jars1428665539If it exists, or if anyone has ever thought about it, there is a museum for it. Prove me wrong. For example, here’s a display from “The Final Member” a museum dedicated entirely to the penis. I know, some people would argue that the dick was behind many other museums. But in most of those cases it wasn’t on display.

What’s the one thing missing from this museum? A human specimen. Probably because most guys are so hesitant to give theirs up. There is an upcoming documentary about the museum itself called “The Final Member.” I’m hoping they chronicle the collection of some of their specimens. I’d be interested to see the crew chase down a lion for the harvest.

“It’s a thing of beauty, it belongs in a museum.”
No. I’m still using it.
“Don’t you want others to enjoy it.”
Yeah, but not like that.
“Can they have it when you’re done?”
No. By then it will be all used up and I don’t want to be remembered that way.

Hit the jump for a video.