Gross: Ladies Fashion Shoes for the Birds

h1_Upload1Birds are gross. That’s why your mom wouldn’t let you touch the babies or bring the feathers you found inside. Some people though still like them, and we’ll never know why. Those are the people who keep parakeets as pets even though they are messy, loud, narcissistic, and unfriendly. It’s like keeping a cage full of tiny pimps.

This unbelievable footwear was made by Japanese designer Masaya Kushino as a part of his Bird-Watched collection.

Masaya makes custom women’s shoes inspired by nature, and although some of his designs can’t be worn and are intended only for ogling, these pieces are actually wearable. They’re currently on display at the Kyoto National Museum of Modern Art and will be making their way to the US where you’ll be able to see them later on this year at the Brooklyn Museum.

Will I be going to see these when they get to the US? No. Am I okay with it if other people want to go see these? I guess so, but they’re gross, you have to admit that first.

As impossible as it looks. I’m told all of these shoes are actually wearable. That’s probably the most impressive part of the creations. I imagine that being able to wear them and being able to walk in them are separate issues. I can wear pants made of razor blades but I can’t move while I’m wearing them.

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