Gross: Restoring Health BioShock Infinite Style


If you’re feeling ill or weak, nothing restores you quite like a hearty meal. That system is similar when it comes to video games like BioShock Infinite. You can bring your health back after a fight by devouring whatever food you can find, but in real life BioShock’s heath system would be disgusting.

The folks at Mega64 created a video of what this would look like in the real world on a crowded street. As it turns out, yeah it’s pretty gross. The only thing worse that seeing some guy digging food out of the trash to restore health is seeing one digging food out of the back of the work fridge. Most everything that goes in there doesn’t qualify as food to begin with so once it’s been left for 2 or three months because it’s owner forgot it one day and then quit shortly there after, it’s pretty bad.

Hit the jump for the video.