Gross: Violin Strung with Human Hair

hairWhat do you do when your hair has grown long enough for you to become an embarrassment to both your family and your community? You let someone attach you to a musical instrument and use your hair as their strings.Obviously.

Tadas Maksimovas came up with the idea of using his own long hair as strings to promote Street Musicians’ Day.

Maksimovas contacted violinist Eimantas Belickas to put the plan into action.

Stylist Ieva SereikytÄ— divided his hair (still on the head) into clumps and then applied a form of resin to harden it.

They they stretched the hair in the normal way across the instrument

Surprisingly, the instrument didn’t sound half bad. You can’t tell that by the look on Tadas face, he doesn’t really seem to be enjoying it. Maybe there was some movie magic that happened between the reporting and the showing of the video.

Hit the jump for the video.

The best part is the last bit where they shave off the rest of his hair. We can let him back into the house now.