This Could Work: Groupon Delivery Catapult

la-sh-amazon-drones-groupon-catapults-20131211With all the buzz about the attack delivery drones that Amazon is working on, Groupon decided it was time for them to explore their options in delivery; really think outside the box, in fact, smash the box and get deliveries done.

So they decided on delivery catapults. Instead of terror inducing drones to fly you your latest questionable purchase, Groupon will just load it up in the throwing arm and have your package delivered in 2.6 seconds. Think of the time savings. Think of the energy savings. Think of the hilarity that would ensue from their catapult shooting down one of Amazon’s drones.

This is the best idea I’ve seen applied to package deliveries since the spiral-wound cardboard tube. What better way is there to deliver the Christmas gift you ordered than to use a technology that was around for the first Christmas?

Hit the jump for the video.