Grumpy Cat Replaces Disney Characters, Isn’t Happy About It

grumpy-cat-frozenA while ago now the image of Grumpy cat as Ariel from The Little Mermaid made it’s rounds on the Internet. But now I’m going to introduce you to all the grumpy relations. DeviantArtist Eric Proctor has taken Grumpy Cat and stuffed him into the clothing roles, and clothing, of your favorite Disney characters.

Guess how Grumpy Cat feels about this. Go on guess. “He doesn’t like it?” No, he’s pretty indifferent, it’s just the kind of cat he is that makes him always look grumpy. Maybe he just needs a nap. “Story of my life.”

I am pretty happy to see this. Art like this is just the kind of thing that the internet was made for. That and the free flow of information. But since the latter is not likely to be around much longer we have to learn to enjoy the art even more.

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