Hallo-win: Fairy Princess Darth Vader


This is one of those situations where you can tell a dad has two loves. His daughter and Star Wars. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Just don’t tell the wife. Instead of letting his 3-year-old girl be just any old fairy princess for Halloween he decided to make it awesome. So she’s going as a Fairy Princess Darth Vader.
This little three-year-old girl is without question the cutest Darth Vader of the year. She went all out and turned her Dark Lord of the Sith into a fairy complete with sparkly tutu and wings that look like the panels from a TIE-fighter.
I think my favorite part is the wings. She looks like she could pick up television on them. And depending on the dad’s budget and level of inventiveness maybe that’s the case and she has a little screen in there where she’s watching Breaking Bad. Speaking of Breaking Bad, I just learned this morning that the meth on that show is actually cotton candy flavored rock candy.
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    • Gwen on October 10, 2014 at 8:24 PM

    Actually, her dad had nothing to do with making this, although he is as much of a Star Wars fan as I am. I (her mother) made the whole thing after she begged for weeks to be Darth Vader.

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