Harry Potter and the Mid-Life Crisis

ZwTDZuWRuHgrown_up_harry_potter_pro_at_quidditch (1)We all know that Harry Potter has had a rough life. So what makes you think that things are going to improve just because he killed off his mortal enemy and saved the Wizarding World? Where is the “Harry Potter and the Slam-Dunk Murder Trial” book?

Artists Jason Mustian and Cole Mitchell  created a group of images featuring scenes from Harry’s life after Hogwarts. It’s the kind of images that make you feel even closer to Harry because you can relate to him again.

I’ve got another one for them. How about “Harry Potter and the Fact that Hogwarts Provided no Actual Career Prep Training.” That’s one that a lot of us can really relate to. How many of you spent 4 years, or more, and a boatload of money on a university education only to not be able to find a job in your field or to have to learn a completely new set of skills to do the job?

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