Here’s an Idea: Soundwave Jewelry

keychainThis post is not about a tiny Soundwave the Decepticon what you can wear on a necklace, although I would purchase said item were it to cost merely a single euro. Instead this jewelry cut to the shape of an actual sound wave. You can see above one made in metal and used as a key ring but the jewelry also comes in plastic beads that form a necklace.

These are 75% better than the last necklace you made for your mom so your new mission is to get her one of these. You don’t have to go out of your way and actually order her one, you can made it yourself. Just cut up some old CDs and string them together. She loves you. She’ll believe they say whatever you tell her they say.

As cool as the jewelry might be here’s my idea, a chess set. So someone out there with a 3D printer or a lathe get a hold of me and we’ll go into business. We’ll make chess pieces with different sound waves. We could do insults to the other players, names of the pieces, inside jokes, all sorts of stuff.

Hit the jump for more examples.

white-and-black-acrylic radiant-audio-wave radiant-3 radiant-2 plywood blue-acrylic earring keychain-2 sound-waves-jewelry

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