Here’s Why You See Ice On Your Air Conditioner and What You Should Do About It.

Basics of AC Maintenance: How to Clean Your AC Unit

Your air conditioning unit helps cool your home. But when your air conditioning Kent gets frozen, it could be a huge problem. As ice buildup is one of the most common AC issues in the UK, we’re here to help. In this article, you’ll learn why you see ice on your air conditioner — and what you should do about it.

Causes and Consequences of Ice Buildup

When your air conditioning Tunbridge Wells freezes, it can ruin the efficiency of your unit. The airflow will be restricted and it won’t be able to cool your space as it should be. If it’s not addressed immediately, it can also curtail the lifespan of your AC.

But what causes ice buildup in the first place?

Low refrigerant levels. When an air conditioning Kent is low on refrigerant (the chemical compound responsible for absorbing warm air and providing cool air to your home), it can cause a disruption to your AC’s air-cooling cycle. Low refrigerant levels also mean that their temperature will be colder than usual. Once cold air blows over this compound, it can freeze over time and cause ice buildup.

Damaged or dirty evaporator coil. The most common culprit behind a frozen AC is the evaporator coil. If it becomes excessively dirty or gets damaged, it won’t be able to absorb adequate heat. This lack of heat will eventually cause your refrigerant to get old and freeze in the coil.

Clogged air filter. Your AC’s air filter prevents dust, dirt, and other debris from getting into your system. Similar to a dirty coil, if this one gets clogged, it will prevent your AC from absorbing warm air. When there’s not enough warm air or if airflow becomes restricted, the temperature in certain parts of your system will be low enough to cause ice formation.

Failure in AC’s indoor or outdoor blower-fan motor. Your blower fan can be located inside or outside the main unit depending on what type of AC you have. It’s responsible for blowing air into your system and getting it distributed properly. If it fails to perform its function, there’ll be an issue in airflow, and it can eventually lead to ice buildup.

Tips When Dealing with AC Icing Issue

If you suspect that your AC has an icing issue, the first thing that you should do is switch your thermostat from “cool” to “off,” while setting your fan to “on.” The goal of this is to let warm airflow into your unit and thaw the ice buildup. This should last for about three to four hours.

When fixing a frozen air conditioning Tunbridge Wells, proper diagnosis is key. As mentioned above, there are several potential culprits behind the issue. And depending on the cause, there are different ways to address this problem. This is why you should turn to professionals for diagnostic and repair services.

Upon getting help, check around your home and ensure that your supply vents are not obstructed. This will help facilitate proper airflow within your AC system.

To prevent encountering the same issue, make it a habit to change your filter and clean it. Scheduling regular preventive maintenance with a reputable AC technician is also recommended.

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