Hipsters Rejoice: Sony Crams 3700 Blu-Rays on a Cassette Tape


Don’t you love repurchasing your movie library every couple of years as a new format comes out? Isn’t it great to have 6 different versions of the same movie, all of which you have to use a different machine to play? Then when you try to hook them all up you find that your TV only have one port on the back and it’s for component and you have never owned a component cable in the entirety of your existence.

Sony just unveiled tape that holds a whopping 148 GB per square inch, meaning a cassette could hold 185 TB of data.

You know what that means? A mix tape that you could listen to for 70 years instead of 70 minutes.

They did it to show off what can still be done with magnetic tape. All that I can ever successfully do with cassette tapes if find out that the car radio I wanted to use eats cassettes.


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  1. Thanks for sharing, i like your article and opinion.

  2. Thanks for sharing, i like your article and opinion.

  3. whole of the UK but of course most of our work is in London .

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