Hogging All the Crazy: Man Attacks Car with Axe in a Fit of Russian Road Rage

axecropped_2952165aBefore we begin let me warn you that all the images and video contained in this article will likely send you into your own fit of rage because it’s all shot in portrait mode. Turn your phone to landscape mode people!

An axe-wielding Russian man has launched a violent attack on a car with children inside.

In the video, the driver of a black Land Cruiser can be seen having a heated [argument] with a man in an Audi.

In a fit of rage, the Land Cruiser driver opens his car boot and lifts out what appears to be an axe.

As the owner of the Audi attempts to pull away, the axe-wielding driver takes a swing at the bonnet and windshield of the car.

Ok, I know you were promised an axe, so was I. You rarely get what you’re promised in life so you need to be prepared to be disappointed by a hatchet.

But you should at least be impressed with the filming bystander’s willingness to put themselves in danger to get crappy footage of crazy people. That, at least, is admirable.

Hit the jump for the video.