How Much Did Your Parents Really Love You: Game Consoles Adjusted for Inflation

console-pricesLarger version here.

If you’re ever wanted to ruin that little bit of self-esteem that you have gathered over the last few years you’ve spent in therapy take a look at in infographic. Redditor Auir2blaze created a list of game consoles and listed their original price and then adjusted it for inflation.

Find the console that you had growing up and put a monetary value on just how much love your parents had for you. If you were one of those kids who had a NeoGeo or a 3DO you should know that we all hate you. But secretly we are still in awe of your console that we’ve never heard of before.

Now before I let you go I want you to study this list and check out the similarity in release price of the Nintendo consoles. Apparently it took Nintendo 20 years before they gave in and broke the $200 price barrier that their competitors had been pissing on since nearly the beginning of time.