Dec 23 2013

How the Grinch Gave me the Diabeetus: Awesome Grinch Cake

6a0120a5924ef0970b019b01d10753970dThis epic pile of icing was created in part by Jennifer Miller aka the DeviantArtist known as ArteDiAmor. Since I found the cake on her page I’ll just let her take all the credit. As you can tell the cake depicts the scene from the Grinch book just before he experiences a severe case of¬†cardiomegaly. My professional medical opinion is that the cardiomegaly was caused but a thyroid problem. Hence the strange way Mr. Grinch’s body stores its fat.

As usual no one can describe their creation quite as beautifully or succinctly as the artist themselves.

This was a collaboration between my boss and myself. He made the cake and I made the sleigh and figurines.

I envy the way she has with words.

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