I Foresee Broken Ankles: 188 mph RC Car

RCBulletRemote Control Car enthusiast Nic Case has spent the last couple years working on RC cars that can do more than annoy the cat and trip the neighbors. He’s working up to a car that can go 200 mph. For the record that’s about 4 times faster than my first real car could go.

In a video uploaded to YouTube just this week, the R/C Bullet streaks across the screen in two exceptionally quick runs. Running on carbon fiber wheels and BSR tires, the little orange R/C car blew down the track, first at 182 miles per hour and then at an astounding 188.87 miles per hour.

After reading about this I’ve come to one conclusion. I don’t know what BSR tires are, but if I did I’d probably get sucked into another hobby and God knows I already have enough of those already that I don’t have the time or funds to keep up with.

Hit the jump for the video.
Don’t feel like I’m obligating you to watch after the 30 second mark.

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