I get it: Kanzi the Bonobo Cooks up some Smores

apemarshmallow-copy-600x324It seems like every other day I’m reading news about some ape that’s either been trained to do something that I still haven’t figured out or that they are getting some sort of advantage that I wish I had. Man, sometimes I wish I were a monkey. I’d be one of the cool ones too who sat at the front of the cage and pulled horrible faces whenever someone tried to take a picture with me.

BBC One Monkey Planet recorded Kanzi recently gathering up some wood and starting a fire so that he could roast some marshmallows for a tasty snack. It’s pretty incredible to see how primates can be so much like us.

Ok, so the roasting marshmallows part. That’s awesome. The gathering up wood and starting a fire part. That’s pretty much the scariest thing I’ve read all day. See the last 3 posts.Who taught a primate to start a fire? Now there’s nothing stopping them from taking over the world. I’m calling it. Mark my words, 10 years from now we’ll be living on the planet of the apes.

Hit the jump for the video.