I Got a Book, You Should Get a Book

IMAG0137Several weeks ago I was contacted by the folks at Trend Hunter asking if I’d like to do an interview with them about Uncanny Flats and in return they’d send me a book written by their CEO. This is that book and my thoughts on it.

The purpose of Better and Faster is to “make you better by teaching you to overcome neurological traps that block successful people.” It’s full of anecdotes of the Trend Hunter Jeremy Gutsche helping businesses grow and other stories of innovators who have taken their own path to success. Gutsche lists the path that they take to success.

The breakdown I’ve come up with after reading it is basically don’t follow the same trend that everyone else is using and expect to become as successful as they are. For one, they’ve been doing whatever it is longer than you have so they had a head start. And two why do you want to do something that someone else is already doing. Go do your own thing and do it better.

If you’d like to try before you buy, click here to read the first chapter for free.

If you are curious why my book looks like it fell in the toilet or want to look at more pictures and a few videos, hit the jump.

So my book looks like it got wet because it did. When UPS delivered it, it was soggy. I don’t even like to imagine how it got wet. I’m just praying that it fell in a puddle.

Better-and-Faster-Test-Image2 Jeremy by Better and Faster Jeremy by Sign Jeremy Head Shot Movie-Trailer-Book-Cover  Jeremy by Better and Faster - CopyMovie-Trailer-Book-Cover23-Minute Mini-Keynote Video

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