I have No Idea what I’m Doing: Beekeeping Donkey

donkeyThis is Boneco. Boneco is a donkey who lives in Brazil. While that may not be the ideal situation for a donkey to be born into the wold, Boneco is making the best of it by becoming the worlds premier donkey-beekeeper.

Boneco and his owner/custom-beekeeping-suit-maker Manuel Juraci live in a small arid town where everyone keeps bees for some reason. Apparently there’s not enough water to grow good crops but bees do well, don’t ask me I’m only an expert on everything else. Owning a donkey that wears a bee suit allows Manuel to collect more honey per day than other nearby keepers.

Interest is growing in other beekeepers to get a suit like this for their donkeys. When they do they’ll finally be able to stop getting honey all over the back seat of the wife’s car.

Hit the jump for a Portuguese news report video.