May 15 2014

I Just Learned Something: Most Common 3rd Languages Spoken in US States

mapHave you ever wondered what is the most common language spoken in any given US state aside from English and Spanish? Yeah me neither. But now that we have an answer I am not surprised I didn’t wonder. I wouldn’t have guessed most of these.

Some of these aren’t surprising, like French in Louisiana and Italian in New Jersey, but I would never have guesses that so many states would have so many German speakers. It’s almost like they’re still trying to take over the world but they’re being more sneaky about it now.

Some of these states I found very surprising, like Russian in Oregon, and Arabic in Michigan, and Hmong in Minnesota. What the heck is Hmong? Maybe one of those native languages like Navajo, Dakota, and Yupik. Or is it an Asian language? Sounds like an Asian language. Someone wanna look that up for me?

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