I Suspected as Much: The Moon has Faster WiFi than you do


How many of you are actually happy with your internet service? I know I’m not. Unfortunately I live in an area where there is only one choice for broadband internet so I’m just all kinds of buggered.

As it turns out my goal of moving to the moon will probably get me faster internet speeds. Now I really want to go.

Scientists from NASA and MIT recently demonstrated the connection, which uses Earthbound telescopes to beam infrared pulses to a satellite orbiting the Moon. Upload speeds from the Moon back to Earth turned out to be a whopping 622 Mbps, faster than just about any broadband connection available on Earth. Going the other way, download speeds from the Earth to the Moon were a bit slower, clocking in at 19.44 Mbps.

The connections are a bit difficult to make apparently. NASA connect with 4 satellite dishes at a time in the hopes that one will connect. Still sounds better than my connection though. I can’t even get a signal from the tower 2 blocks away. Then when I do I can’t get WiFi off the router 2 yards away either.