I Volunteer: NASA is Planning a Mission to Europa

j1ssdtpdfemniqmizyjjOkay, so it turns out the mission is only for robots. But if my consciousness has been placed in a robot then, or even if I’m just a 51% robotic cyborg I still volunteer to fly out to Europa to look for life.

NASA announced an injection of $17.5 billion from the federal government (down by $1.2 billion from its 2010 peak). Of this, $15 million will be allocated for “pre-formulation” work on a mission to Europa, with plans to make detailed observations from orbit and possibly sample its interior oceans with a robotic probe. Mission details are sparse, but if all goes well, it could be launched by 2025 and arriving in the early 2030s.

What NASA doesn’t expect to find, for some reason, is that the moon is actually a giant fur ball coughed up by a humongous cat living inside Jupiter. You know that giant tornado on Jupiter, the Great Red Spot? That’s actually a kitty butt hole. Sorry. You have to admit, it’s pretty obvious now that I pointed it out.

Hit the jump for a shot from NASA.