I Want a Ride: 1000 mph Rocket Car

bloodhoundsssc-1000mph-carThis is the Bloodhound Supersonic Car and it’s set to take over the world land-speed record next year by shooting itself at 1000 miles per hour across the South African plain. For the record that’s faster than your car would reach even if you drove it off a cliff.

If the Bloodhound, which started life as a project to get kinds interested in engineering, were fired up into the air, it would reach a height of 25,000 feet. That’s because its 12-foot-long 18-inch diameter rocket engine is powered by an F1 Cosworth V8 engine, which drives a pump which sprays a liquid oxydizer onto solid fuel. The force created is 50,000 G, the rocket will scream at around 180 decibels, and the temperature inside the rocket will reach around 3,000 °C . And if you’re wondering where the nuclear missile technology is, that’s in the pump.

You know what I don’t understand. Why people tell you how hot a rocket gets. Yes it’s impressive to see a big number like 3000 degrees but after about 100 degrees people really have a hard time wrapping their minds around how hot something is. I could have told you it was gonna be a million degrees and you would still drool a little bit as your eyes slid out of focus and make some comment about a taco fart.

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